Discourse Is Falling Apart
In America, and throughout the globe people are struggling to talk about the great issues that face our world. Polarization is at an all time high and the effects are felt everywhere.

Our Organization Wants To Change This
We were started by college students concerned about their future.  We've been working for the past four years to advocate for civil discourse in college communities.

How We're Working To Restore Civility
If we're going to tackle the many problems on the horizon we have to change the way we talk. We're helping students understand the importance of civil discourse so they can help themselves and others Talk Better.

How We Help

Conversation Guides
We provide public resources on how to facilitate good conversation. We want to do our part in restoring civility in political discourse.
Community Organizing
We help bring members of communities together and provide dialogue on issues that citizens face.
Student Leadership
We let college students take the initiative in organizing and help develop them as leaders.